Mimi's General :))



XD I’m not a big Pokemon fan, but I just like drawing these.
(I might go suddenly and disappear)
(I am a rabbit in a magician’s hat)
(I have a phone)
(The audience doesn’t know)
(I am a potato, not a rabbit, I just checked)


Hold on, I really need water or I’ll faint.


If it’s not hot, you could just keep a pitcher of water in your room XD


Same. I like when people aware happy with what I draw them. I really boosts my confidence. If I feel “depressed” I draw or listen to music or both. It makes me feel…idk i couldn’t describe it.


Ouch. My front teeth hurt the worst when I got my braces on.

Use your back teeth. Well, they are probably sore too. Just another 24-48 hours. At least you had pasta.


looks up “origami warbler”


Ya. My mom made “softer” food as not to make the pain worse.
I know that eventually the pain will stop, it always does.


XD I could make that from memory @sophia71205


My aunt just gave me over 250 pieces of origami paper for my late birthday present yesterday


Oh, I already went there. :P


I think @Mini left…
So what are u people doing rn?


Emphasize the er.

At least you can think positive. Salad is the worst food when your braces have just been tightened.


Sorry, I was extremly thirsty… wow.


i got origami paper about 2 weeks ago
mini got paper
sophia got paper too

this is too coincidental

Oh, yeah, I literally played with origami paper and I made a really never-made-before hedgehog XD Directions on Drawing Topic somewhere…


That is just creepy. And I’m really happy because today my grandma bought me more paper!


I think she is getting water. Who know? She has seemed…different lately. She is still the kind, caring, humble, and funny Mimi we know, but it is like something is off. I know she has purposefully been less active, but I feel like there is something.


Don’t use that website, actually, don’t use any origami websites. They can shut your device off. Try and use YouTube if you can.


I have memorized how to make a sampan, warbler, and heart. The unfoldable box was fun.


I know. I not really know what’s “missing”.
But something is…


WHATTTTT??? My teacher last year suggested that one. I use it whenever I do origami.