Mimi’s General :)) | x2



It should be fixed. Emphasize the should be


It worked! Thank you so much Sophia, Merry Christmas!


Hi, @KayKat!

Mimi got regular a year ago…I hadn’t joined yet…who knows what you were doing :stuck_out_tongue:


So…how was your Christmas?


A year ago, I was just your average user with two features and no good friends


Oh, and that spell…I didn’t even remember it from the books. Then again, it’s been almost 2 years since I read them.


It was good, what about you?


You’ve never been average. Your first game…it took me months to figure out code like that.



It was pretty good. Like I told Photo,

Oh, and see if you can figure this out:


I mean, there were people I knew, sure, and there were great people and great friends that I knew. But none of them were my good friends in the way that you are.


I don’t think I can honestly


What do you notice about Private Message and Putin’s Messenger?


Same first letters, the second one is probably a noun that does the verb of whatever private message represents


I know Heart Rate for Scotch Tape is rhyming slang, we use it all the time in Australia lol


Huh? That one actually came from PIANOMAN when he asked if he could call Scotch Tape HR to stand for Hopscotch Remixer


Actually, Private Message and Putin’s Messenger is the same thing. If you can figure out who or what PM is, then you can start figuring out Burger&Fries


Well PM, in my mind, stand for Prime Minister, which is the first speaker for the government team in debate. But soemhow, I don’t think that what you meant


Um, no, not what I meant. Not everyone breathes debate XD


So is PM an acronym for something?


PC8 might have figured it out…

You might need to figure Burger&Fries out first