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Oh yeah, I just spam liked you.


Um, hi, @KayKat, you missed Mimi…actually, she got off all of a sudden


Lol thanks for the likes!


@KayKat, are you still on?


Yep hi


So I’m listening to music…I just put on this one song by Casting Crowns…Why it it over 5 minutes?


Is casting crowns a band? Are they good?


Yes, probably my favorite, so yeah they are really good. They sing that song I posted once called Thrive. The one I’m listening to rn is a Christmas song.
They’ve got a lot of amazing songs


Cool I’ll try to check then out some time, but I gtg now ttyl


Okay, bye. Ttyl…


@vanillaice, @KayKat, I managed to throw you two together some small Christmas presents. They’re not that great, but I had to give you 2 something. My best memories on the forum are with y’all. I have lots of great friends, but when I’m talking to you, it feels different. It feels like I’m talking to my sisters. I love you two. Merry Christmas!
To: Katie
To: Mimi


Thank you, but when I clicked on the links this happened:

Merry Christmas!


Uh…interesting. I’ll fix that later…


hey Sophia. how was your Christmas??


Oh, hey Photo. It was good. I’ll give some detail in a minute. Brb, I’m getting through all my notifications. I read about yours already XD


kk. ;3 aw thanks. sdsdsffsfs


I haven’t read through your GT though…just Heart Rate’s (you probably don’t get that…just ask Private Message). Anyways, I had a good Christmas. Let’s see, this morning I got some clothes, 2 games, some shoes, and a hover board (which I’ll probably hurt myself on). Plus, my brother and I got a trampoline and swing set. Malty has been on my mind all day.


wait is private message like Scotch??

ahh that’s so cool!! a hover board?? :OOO that’s amazing. ahh I got a new iPad AHHH

aw really?? yeah, I feel worried for her. at least she’s around some of her family, like her aunt ;/


Private Message is also Putin’s Messager and I would consider him to also be my Burgers&Fries. Heart Rate is Scotch Tape.

I know.



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lol XD