Mimi’s General :)) | x2



I’m good, depressed, but good.


hehe same lol

so are you on winter break yet??


Yeah, I am. You?


ye I got out last Friday


Lucky, I got out Tuesday.


AAAAHHH, MIMI!!! Where are you? And who is that on your pfp?


Where? Last night, 2 people were talking about how they were going to share emails?

Mimi, I will be on…so get your tail back here


why are you not on mini? i cant believe you lied on gobli’s topic… why do you need a separate acc?




She’s had that account. Gobli should have known that it was her


It’s Jonghyun from SHINee. He commuted suicid.e on Monday, unfortunately and I have been broken ever since.

@GalaxyCat, I don’t remember lying about anything on Gobli’s topic. I’m being totally honest and not pretending. I’ve been off the forum for awhile and I don’t remember what I did in the past.


Hi, Mimi. How are you?


Um, sad, but other than that good. What is GalaxyCat talking about?


Galaxy Cat is Happy Dolphin…who knows?

I’ve missed you


I know and I miss Jonghyun.

At least I’m not dead.


Hello MiNi. Long time no talk


Mhm, how are you?


Well GalaxyCat is Gobli and HappyDolphin, but only HappyDolphin uses it


I am good, Why did you start using an Alt instead of your main account?


Ahh, I’m so confused. All I know is she said I lied, but ok.