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You do know what I’m actually referring to, right? I like comparing Kay Kat to Martin Luther. Wasn’t it at the Diet of Worms that he was condemned as a heretic?


@sophia71205 LOL!! Yeah, just thought that would be fun… I have no idea how it compares with Martin Luther though…


It’s actually pronounced Vorms XD. @KayKat, how many worms have you actually eaten? Then again, that was after he almost died.


@KayKat, well, some prince will protect you as you live as Knight George…and this will all happen after the Diet of Worms
More information on Kay Kat’s weird diet:


Hi, are you still on?
Edit: nvm.


Omg… hi again :0000000


Hey there. How are you?


*dies in hole

I MISSED YOU!!! I’ll be on tonight around like 9:30 and then will be on about 2 hours or more, so yeah.


AGHHHHHHH are you kidding me??
tag me when you’re on.


Mimi has mysterious ways.


doesn’t she tho?? hehehehehe why


Mimi has this way of getting on and off at the worst times. She’s a sneaky little one.
One time, I typed out this post about how I missed her by 1 minute, but by the time I got it posted, it was like 3 minutes. So, I editted it…and then it was 4 or 5 minutes, so I editted it to 6 and finally left it alone XD


oh wow. XPP ahhh Mimi and I just want to talk to herrrr


The other night, my heart just about jumped out of my chest when I saw that she was on.


Hi. I’m going to…


ahhHHHhhhHhH Mimi hey!!


I’m going to… omg I’m reading all of these overly rule following posts and it is getting on my nerves.


okay then ;PP bye for now then


Uhhh okay?? I’m not leaving lol.


okay then?? whelp how are you??