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Nope you still can’t read me.
You don’t realize that you are missing a lot of things. In the long run, you hardly know about me, my past, my family, my irl life situation… you hardly know about it at all.



You realize that analogy is completely contradictory to itself, and that it only causes a never ending cycle of contradiction, right?


This is that moment when the veritasserum starts kicking in.

You took gymnastics at one point…I know that much at least.

I know that your sister isn’t your favorite person.

Is it still the same situation for you now?


Katie, it’s almost midnight…it honestly took me 30 seconds to realize that said analogy


Well, that got nipped in the bud.


First of all it’s just sibling
And second they are actually alright… normally.

Not exactly


So what would you refer to Mimi and I as behind your back? Siblings or sisters?

Unless they have their friend in the car?

Okay. Well, it’s kinda hard to get to California rn…and it would take like a month to walk to your school. I think I’ll just try to comfort you on the forum


Also, I can’t believe you went to the Diet of Worms.

@Yusamac205, might actually get that…


You guys are sisters. That’s not what I meant when I said they are just my sibling…

First of all thank you
Second of all yeah that’s true


Something LGBT related?




I guessed that when you first said just sibling, but I wasn’t going to assume that yet. What do your parents think?


They are not out yet.


Um, okay then…
What do you think that your parents will think?


I don’t know. They are typically more conservative about :rainbow_flag: issues. I don’t think they would disown them, but they would probably say that “it’s just a phase”


Okay then…
So, by the way you’re talking, can I assume that they are identifying by no gender atm?


I gtg I have three freaking tests tomorrow. Uggggggggggarghhhhh


Katie, you’ll pass them. Don’t make me shove lil cloud child in your face.

Your answers on that have been shortened…a lot. What are your thoughts on it? I know you say you support LGBT, but what is your actual opinion on it now?


My answers were shortened for several reasons.
First, I was multitasking
Second, I’m going to respect my sibling’s privacy and not give away the details on their identity.
Third, I know you and some others on this forum don’t really support LGBTQ and I really don’t want to put up with prejudices right now.

You know my thoughts on it. I’m supportive. I’m an active ally.
Why would you think my opinion on these lives would change simply because someone close to me joins them? If anything, it would make me more supportive.


Yeah! A diet of gummy worms! That sounds like fun. Might give you a huge tummy ache though