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No, she said they worked really well together. I said that Katie would be the one on the bleachers doing hw…and believe it or not, she said there was actually a girl in the bleachers reading…


Okay, bye Mimi. Ily. Goodnight, have sweet dreams of earwax and my OC


As dmf stated (I also procrastinate a lot and start stuff that I never finish, I kinda want to quit)


Okay, bye!!! (I wasn’t on)


And Mimi, I can tell when you are stressed too…thankfully, I don’t think you are rn. But when you go around talking about how things aren’t “unicorns farting rainbows”…idk, you two just give off obvious vibes.

I should probably go to bed…I’ve got to up at 6:15. Goodnight! Earwax


Unicorns farting rainbows? :joy: Mimi, even when you are stressed, you add in your sense of humor.

I’ve missed you so much


are friKIN kidding mE??

ahh come on I missed you

dang it


ahhh that absolutely su.cks ;o;

oh god are you okay??


ahh literally. it frikin scared me sm.

but idk why, they just reminded me of you two sm.


yes do that ahhh I better be on when you are


Please stop


You can tell when I’m stressed, because I no longer make an effort to hide that. But I don’t think you can read my entire self like a book

She knew about that, she came on that night


*opens up Katie
Allow me to read you through this screen:


Still stressed. Very busy atm

Trying to prove me wrong

You have a brain

We were wondering if you would come to the Informers topic again…


Yes please! We would really appreciate it if you could just drop in for a little bit. It might be fun!


For her…I’m not much of a debater…I have a science book though; I guess that’ll work


@sophia71205 I love this article:


It is just amazing.


Yeah, I don’t think you can read her like a book. That’s my job LOL


I love those 2 examples…
That first one, @KayKat:

A young man approached me at a seminar and stated, ‘Well, I still believe in the big bang, and that we arrived here by chance random processes. I don’t believe in God.’ I answered him, ‘Well, then obviously your brain, and your thought processes, are also the product of randomness. So you don’t know whether it evolved the right way, or even what right would mean in that context. Young man, you don’t know if you’re making correct statements or even whether you’re asking me the right questions.’
The young man looked at me and blurted out, ‘What was that book you recommended?’ He finally realized that his belief undercut its own foundations—such ‘reasoning’ destroys the very basis for reason.


@sophia71205 Yeah, me too! I am planning to use that on some unsuspecting victim. LOL


MIMI, WHERE ARE YOU??? Not literally, but c’mon. How did I survive 4 months without you? Don’t get me wrong, my friends are great, but there’s something about getting to talk to you and Katie


Hi, Katie. I see you.