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No, she moved. I’m a different friend of hers, I’m not sharing who, but I swear I know her in real life.

And yah. She’s done with drama, she’s had her share this year. Enough people have been spreading drama about her and calling her stuff. She doesn’t need to try and make someone else feel better over something somewhat petty.


Hold up. Lemme see if I can get Mimi to get on and talk to you about this. This sounds really serious. Do you think you’d feel better if Mimi and you talked about things? I mean I know you guys aren’t that close anymore,but it might help anyway.


…that’s my fault
Idk if it will help…

Irl? I’ll be up in Virginia by Monday to knock someone out


About your bio…that sounds like something Mimi would agree with…she could have said it…


Yeah, there are these popular girls who think they’re better then everyone. They act like they rule the school even tho their in sixth grade. They’ve been mean to her, but she has her “I don’t care” face on so no worried.


Thanks I actually found it online. But yeah it does sound like her. She said she’s getting on. I’ll go so you guys can talk


That sounds like the Mimi I remember… like when Anthony came on the forum…well, they’re friends again…


Thank you. You said you needed a new start, but you also know Mimi…hmmm


Hey, are you okay? I’m worried about you.


I can’t stand worrying my friends…

Physically, mostly…emotionally, that’s a totally different story.


What’s going on? I’m not trying to get all up in your business, but what’s wrong?


She’s my friend Amelia. Her username is Amelia, lol.

She had an account on here before, but I’m not gonna say what.


It’s on the forum, so it’s not “getting all up in my business.” I just…I think I’m past my emotional breaking point, and I have not so good ways of dealing with it.


I almost laughed. Your idc face? I can only imagine. That sounds like Mimi…


I know, I’ve read. I’m sorry.

I know that I have been part of the reason for these emotions, and I apologize. I cannot tell you to stop cutting or anything, but I highly encourage you to stop. This is not who you want to grow up to be, so either force yourself to stop (I know it’s not easy), or stop going to the place that causes these emotions.

For you, I recommend leaving the forum for a bit, but I know the forum is addicting. So if you really want to avoid cutting, tell your mom. She will be the one with the power.

Telling yourself, “I am going to stop visiting the forum” will not help as much as someone like your mom telling you. It will impact you more. That’s the only way I stopped.


Well, it’s more like my face that says “I don’t give a crap about what you think of me”, but I’m glad she said it in a nicer way.


My mom doesn’t know about the forum, remember? She would kill me (okay, maybe just beat me black and blue) if she found out.

It’s okay, Mimi. I caused it…
Somebody did make a post though emphasizing the fact that I broke their trust…

I haven’t cut the past 2 days, just pop myself with rubber bands. Yeah, I don’t want to grow up this way, but between irl and the forum…if I could ever bring myself to do it (which I wouldn’t do it anyways…that would be going too far), I would kms.

…my addiction…hehe…I have considered resigning from Vice rn though.

That really sounds like you. Do I need to chew them out? If they came on the forum…I would. Anyways, you’re so much better than them. So…how are you?


That’s why I said to tell her. She will help keep you off—even if it’s hard.

What’s going on irl?
And don’t you dare kill yourself, you have so much potential.

I’m good though.


I can’t. Literally, she would probably throw my iPad away, yell at me, and whip me with the belt…

It started before the school year even ended…it’s getting better, but it’s still going on…

I’m not…of course, I never thought I would cut…

Tysm. You do too.

That’s good.


@KayKat, do I see you?