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Thank you for always being there, Photo. Also, just wondering if you’re okay (referring to the election and all)

I just told Mr. Prez that my friend are so amazing. I don’t feel nearly as nervous as I did earlier today. Thank you, Mimi and
Photo (and Mr. Prez).


Why me, lol?


I’m okay, thx. Yesterday my throat felt like trash, and my nose was stuffed up.
I feel sm better today tho. Thx Sophia. Ilysm<3


Mimi, where are you?


I know mini in real life and she said she’s over the drama here. Something about hopscotch president and how she didn’t feel like sympathising over the whole “PHOTO FOR PREZ” drama.


Wait, are you Donut? Anyways, wow, Mimi…
Could you tell her that Photo is feeling better?


oh cool. it’s fine. I’m way too over dramatic and need to get whater the heck I’m doing together. tell her to have a nice life and that I’ll miss her


Photo, maybe you did slightly overreact, but it’s me that needs to get it together.


no, I completely overreact ped. btw I changed my bio


Um, really?
Anyways, are you okay?


sorta. check it. ;PP
I’m good. you??


sometimes depressed and always stressed

This? Photo, be honest, are you okay?
I’m…eh, emotional…and Idk why. I didn’t cut today though.


Lol I’m okay. I’m just excited for the weekend. yey. ;w;
aw, I’m sorry. what do you cut with? are u using a knife? have you cut yet?


You have a volley ball tournament, right?

A semi-sharpened paper clip…

Yesterday, but it was more of a severe scratch…no blood came.
My brother is here with his wife and baby, so I’ve gtg for a little bit. Be back later.


Yep, well the 1st game is tonight. ahh WERE GONNA WINNN
a paper clip?? try to stop, Sophia. Before it gets worse…
And bye for now! <33



It’s the first thing I found…

I didn’t do it today…I did pop myself with a rubber band though…it hurts worse than cutting…


You know, I know Mimi said she wasn’t jealous, but I can’t help but wondering…


Heck again
Why do you do it


Congrats on prez btw.


I didn’t do it (cut) yesterday…

And who is @TheHunt-hint-hsB?