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We all know it’s you…anyways, you used a capital s.




I wonder how Katie is doing…probably amazing…@KayKat


@sophia71205, should I leave? I know you don’t want me to, but really. Let’s be real you and photo are like sisters. Not even joking. We have no connection anymore… and it’s like it was when KayKat felt left out.

Whenever I come on all I see are longs sentimental posts about how amazing photo is and stuff. It’s like I’m invisible. I was dropping hints.

Anyways, I don’t know what to do. I might stay and just talk to Katie, or I might try and make new friends on here, but I really don’t know because it just makes me sad.


it’s up to you Mimi. it’s always been your choice.
you’ll be remembered if you leave, and loved if you stay. ;/
yes, Sophia and I have gotten really close, but I doubt I’ll ever share the same connection you and Sophia had. You’re not invisible. Forumers freak out when they learn you’re back. I’ve seen it. yes, you should meet new people; there’s a whole great community out there; you just need to be willing to explore it. If it was my choice, I’d have you stay, but if your life is better without all this, then go. Keep talking to Katie, maybe try to many things with Sophia, but there’s a ton of people out there, go meet them.


Mimi…where to start…



We’ve gotten close. But after you left, Katie started back to school, and I was left to deal with my broken emotions. I’ve had several people help me…Photo, Wyn, Scotch Tape, and even Gobli. No one could ever replace you or Katie.

Mimi, it’s not true. Just ask Katie (or Gobli…or Wyn) I’ve struggled with my emotions since you’ve been gone…a lot.

Most people are amazing.

I-I feel like I should have noticed…I’m sorry, Mimi.


Mimi, I-I don’t have any words.

It makes me sad because I feel like it might be partially my fault; I almost severed our relationship.

Wait, Mimi, are you getting jealous again?




Okay then…nvm. Are you sure? I just don’t want to lose such a great friend…


I’m fine, Sophia. It’s just… I miss us I guess. I miss having convos with Katie you and I… I just miss the old forum back when there was no jealousy and stuff.


I know…there was a time when Katie put the words, “I wish we could turn back time to the good old days,” in every post.

Also, the words debate and homework summarize Katie’s life.

There was jealousy in the first few weeks of the world…


Yeah, a TØP reference.


point in case: me

its all your decision Mimi, but honestly i don’t want you to leave. i don’t think anyone here does. we all love you.


A what?
Thank you for taking the words from my head, @PinkCupcake8.

Also, I’m almost done with that book I was talking about…Mimi, I see a lot of you in her…


TØP - Twenty one pilots

They sing stressed out


I wonder how Katie’s doing…


Aw, thanks. That really does mean a lot to me. Especially because you’ve been with me on hopscotch for a very long time.

I have no idea how to use semicolons.
Random thought.


Probably amazingly amazing.

@KayKat, I just want you to know that even if you get second place or you don’t even place at all; we are all here for you and support you 100%.

Ignore me if I used the semicolon wrong, I don’t care.


It can be used in place of a comma conjunction in a compound sentence. It can be used with a conjunction (in place of the comma) in a compound sentences in which there is a list of three or more objects (in which case there are several other commas).


Okay, good to know. While you were typing I searched on google and it just said to use it to join to independent clauses.


Is the same thing as