Mimi’s General :)) | x2



really?! Forever? :000


I hope it’s not true, but hope is all I can do.


I feel like it’s not true, but with Mimi u never know.
I haven’t known her that well, but she seems sorta different…


You know, Photo, there is something about you. Idek what it is, but it draws me to you. Idk, maybe you remind me of someone. You remind a lot of this girl I know irl. To an extent, you remind me of Mimi. Scary enough, you remind me a little bit of an younger (a few months) me. Idk. I can’t put my finger on it.


Correct, even she said so. I would say it’s stress. She’s a lot different. Not quite as aggravated as she was before she left, but definitely not like that old Mimi… She did say that life is hard, so something’s probably going on.


Odd. Hm. I’m mysterious, I guess…idk ;PPP


Hm. Ya, probably stress. I mean stress has changed me irl.


It’s a god thing, but idk. I hope you don’t turn into me…that would be…you know.


Are you okay? And tell me the truth.


;/// I doubt I’ll turn into you, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing: you’re amazing ;3


I’m okay, Sophia. I’ve justbtold you before, I’ve been busy and just stressed. But seriously I’m good. :3


lets out sigh of relief

Thanks Photo :slightly_smiling_face:. Really though, we don’t need more than one annoying, depressing jerk


Yeah…okay…it’s not like it was just last night you said it was something dumb that was bothering you every day.


It wasn’t. I made it.

Also, I was just joking.

Actually a US plan. Called Conplan 8888 http://www.cubadebate.cu/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/CONPLAN-8888.pdf


It isn’t true. That was the fake DMF.


Lol no problem.
But nope you don’t qualify for an annoying, depressing je.rk. ;///


@KayKat, hi. I thought you would be at your debate tournament, in which you will do amazing, by now.


Has anyone else gotten notifications saying they spamliked themselves on Hopscotch?


Huh? I haven’t checked my main account…just a collab. I saw your new username though


Dangit! No one’s falling for it.

Literally identical name, too.