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Really? I do not think of myself as someone who inspired many people, I think of myself as an average human being. Everyone is equal in this world—even though some people may disagree.


Nope. Look what you told @DMF:
“Well let’s try this
+You are really nice
-You could try and umm… idk XD
+you have a good sense of humor
+You are an amazing coder!
-don’t ask me!! Ask your best friend on here XD”

And you said

What in the world? :joy:
I just ran outta likes ;-;
Dang it. Beware for tomorrow.

The first line was after me admitting to sniffing. You then started talking about Anthony to Hito. Oh yeah, did I tell you, Hito’s back in HS.


Mimi, she was talking about you. It’s so true. You don’t know what you’ve done to me…and what you’ve done to me…


It will be…entertaining, no doubt about it.


Mimi, was it just me or did a picture of Oreo just appear right in front of my face?




My iPad must have been glitching. I tell you, it was like you posted a picture of your cat then deleted it…
Hi, Photo. Help me.


I never took a picture though.


Hey Sophia. Help with what??


Woah. That is weird. You’ve posted picture before though…like way before…before we met for the most part.


I’ve gone crazy. Watch out…


Um, I have always posted pics on here?


oh I doubt that. XPP


I saw it! Then it disappeared.
I thought my ipad was glitching, haha,


Oh my goodness, this is the best video ever!
mummified Gobli is delicious.


Nope, never posted one before…

JUST KIDDING! I got you Sophia lol.


The picture of the cat!? Mimi, are you sure you didn’t post a picture of Oreo (wait that its name right?)?


MIMI!!! How could you? Lol. I knew I hadn’t gone crazy…well, I hoped.


That video of the earwax is just gross.


Eww Sophia why.
Mummified Gobli is fun to say though