Mimi’s General :)) | x2



And then you would win! Woohoo go other people!


Wdym ? I’m confused by what that means


I’d lose to you.


You’re running for January? Well, Sophia’s definitely not running for that.

You missed a comma… and it was more, “Stop calling me Ms. President, pleaaaaaase.” That doesn’t sound like you at all…


I’m more popular for my games than on forums and I’m barley known for my games you’d win no doubt


Yeah right. I’ve considered leaving by then. Katie has a debate tournament starting tomorrow…I wonder if she’s “internally freaking out”


Of course it does! I’m mini! I am positive! :DDDDDDDDDDD

I was so cringey. Cri


You’re more popular than you think


I’m really not tho lol I left for like 6 months


No, you still don’t. You were more like:

I don’t want to show that I am president, because the title itself won’t exactly do much "good."
It is the actions I take that show that I am president.


… idk how to reply.

Ew. I was so… just ew.


@PinkCupcake8, you never got to meet Mimi, did you? Well, take advantage of the moment. Meet the person that has inspired countless people with her humbleness, amazingness, knowledge, etc.


Well I’m just saying I’m a average joe with a low amount of features no big name on Hopscotch nor on the forums… the only thing I really have is my secret plan to take over Hopscotch in January of 2018 :wink: ( this will for sure be used against me by my future opponents in January of 2018 so before they get a chance to use this against me, all statements said referring to taking over Hopscotch were for comedic purposes and shouldn’t be taken seriously)


@PinkCupcake8, you followed me on hopscotch, right? I was -miniminion-. I remember you :))


You sound like the disclaimers on comedic videos lol


I’ve always wanted to meet Mimi, and I’ve seen her on a few times, but I never know what to say.

You’re an amazing person, Mimi, and I’ve seen your projects on Hopscotch as well. You are an all round incredible person and it’s an honour to meet you. Not meet you physically but yknow be replying to you.


@NindroidGames is going to run i wonder how his speech will be… I’m looking forward to it


internally screaming

Tysm, i didnt think you’d know who I was.
I definitely remember you, though.

Edit: whoops does that sound creepy? I didn’t mean it in a creepy way sorry sorry sorry


Wow, thank you! I’m glad that I’ve created a good impression.

Never feel worried about talking to me! I’m just a normal human being.


You’re an amazing human being though who’s inspired so many