Mimi’s General :)) | x2



You know who I am, right?


I do now HI MINI :))))


I know you won’t, photo. ;)


Vanilla want to run again for the Campaign?



“I can slowly see my friends forgetting about me in front of my own eyes and it hurts more than anything.”


that’s good. ;) I gtg
I’ll be back soon tho


Like I forgot you. It’s not like I would just start crying at nights because I missed you so much…

Nah, it hurts more when your friends are mad at you…


Why? I don’t see a point. I won once. I did nothing. Barely any new hopscotchers know me anyway. The only person who’d vote for me is Sophia or Katie.


R u ok? I mean I left Hopscotch for a while


I guess.

And I’m fine. Life is just, well, hard.


Everyone I’ve talked to said you did an amazing job, even Liza congratulated you for it!


And, not or. Actually, all your friends would vote for you. Some might drop out if you ran.


And? Fine doesn’t always mean good.

Your dad?

You did see my topic on national adoption month, right?


I didn’t do anything. I was just like “Heeey guys! I’m Mimi your prez!!! I’m gonna be fake perky!”


I know I realise that now…

And I’d hate for them to do that for me.

And, yes, it was sweet.


You brought the forums closer together just think about running again don’t lie to yourself by saying you did a bad job cause you did great!


I might think about running after someone else gets a chance. Plus, I’m not even on here very much anymore.


I feel like Photo would. She didn’t even know what it was.

We might not have been as close as we are now though.

No. You actually were perky. We all were…except for a few who I avoided mostly. We are all depressing now XD, not all, but you get it. You tried settling disputes (you typically succeeded), you gave advice, and most importantly, you were humble.



Hiiii I’m not Ms. President Sophia! Everyone has a purpose on this world! Be happy!


I’m running Jan 2018 so maybe you can run against me :slight_smile: