Might quit hopscotch not the forum though



I would stay on hopscotch but many of you guys say keep on coding even when you are not noticed at ALL! Right now I work for hours on my projects yet I get no likes on them. For me likes matter when you work for hours. Please don't reply if your going to say something like likes don't matter even when I worked for hours on these projects.


Maybe just take a break? And come back soon?
Also, you can share projects here to help them get noticed! If you don't already, be sure to choose channels where appropriate so they don't get lost in Newest :wink:



Not a break.


Well make it one then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After all, if (when) you come back, it'll count as a break anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'm not going to come back but I will continue on the forum


Your decision…
You will be missed


Not on hopscotch will I be missed. No one even knows who I am!!


Le cough.
Hiya! Remember me, KVJ/KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


I will still be on the forum. Not even you look at my projects.


I know you don't want me to say this but here is how I got well known,

how I became well known (not famous)

I started off with 0 likes. 0. I spent hours on my projects. I got nothing. I don't want anything. I just wanted to code.

But the Christmas came along. There was the holiday contest.
At first, I didn't believe in myself, I didn't think I was good enough. But then I was looking through all the channels and saw cool projects people were making.

I got inspired by the Draw with Christmas Lights on featured.

Though I didn't make anything for the contest I fooled around with the code one Saterday morning, I made a very cool project.
It got 5 likes.

I was so happy! I ran around the house (people, you must likely know I'm enthusiastic, especially from my actions last night on the Find a Fren topic (sorry))
I started making more projects. Those got 2-5 likes.

I was very happy with myself, but I wanted to go a little further, code a little harder, push myself.

And I did, I made some decorate the Christmas tree projects, 5-9 likes.

I was very happy..
But then something terrible happened. I got coders block XD

I had no ideas, until my mom and me made homemade ugly sweaters.

I guess you can guess what I made next..... Decorate the ugly sweater!

14 likes, that help the record for a while!

Then I saw some cool art pads!

I got inspired. I wanted to draw! I wanted to code! I wanted to code, an artpad!

It was tricky but that's where one of my favorite hopscotchers come is, @LazyLizard!

She helped me put my first drawing pad together, and I published! It was Smash-PAD!

It didn't break the record but it came close!

I liked making art pads so much I made a second one, and @Pingu helped me! It was a big improvement!

I started making (not doing) lotteries! I got a lot of remixes! It got my known a little more. Though mostly cheaters entered. I stopped making them shortly after.

I made an illusion project and that broke the record of 14 likes, I was happy!

Then I made a bunch of interactive games!

They got 10-20 likes!

Then quotes became popular!

Everyone was making fantastic quote projects! I was very excited.

I made my first quote project, it got Rising! (Thanks THT!) it holds my most liked project record, 463 likes!

After that I got 30-50 likes on my projects!


After all that and after more interactive games XD

I got into text art/trail art!

It's gotten me far, now I have 100-150 likes on my projects!

And I've made some great friends who do text art just like me!

The motto is, never give up!

I hope it helped, it's your desicion though!
I hope you don't leave though :0
Btw I'm Crazy_cake, I liked some of your projects, @Murphy1

I will be sad ;-;



Still at least you'll be here


Yeah really. Your crazy cakes smishsmash?


Le sigh.


Le it's true.


Le sigh.
Believe that if you want. But you will be missed :slight_smile:


I will be sad if you leave ;-; pls believe me ;-;

Yes, I am :)


No one will be sad. No one notices or looks at my projects


Le gah! Accept that you will be missed!
@smishsmash halp me!


I will NOT be missed


Accept it!...

Or else....