Might Quit forums Due To Being Hidden


I might be quiting forums now. It's not that I don't like it, it's that everything I've been posting lately has been flagged and hidden. The stuff I post is not a "spam", I was thanking everyone for the likes on my project, then the other one all I said was for people that wanted to make projects with me, I'm in! If this is not fixed I probably just will quit because there's no point to it anymore. -Gavin's Games


I know. I believe a lot of people are having trouble.


Go here and then decide if you REALLY should quit


When you get flagged, it's just a reminder from the Community to make sure you're following the Guidelines :smile:

With it hiding your post immediately and sending you a message, I agree that it can be a little frightening and discouraging. That's why if something is flagged, I try to explain as nicely as I can why it might not be following the Community Guidelines, because I know you're not intending to do anything wrong. You can always edit your post to fix it :smiley:

Asking for collabs is totally okay, since you're helping each other. But I don't know, if everyone posted on the forum what they're doing and working on at the moment and their activity, it wouldn't really be of much help to anyone else.... That's just my thoughts, please feel free to let me know what you think too.


@t1_hopscotch, I sort of understand about the "what I'm working on," but I fixed it and that copy got flagged by Akismet, and they said "temporarily" but it hasn't been on since.


Aksmet is just a robot that checks to see if your a robot.


Hi @Gavins_Games thanks very much for understanding even just sort of :smiley: hmm I've had a look at the post that you fixed and it's not hidden or anything on my side:

And I had a look at the post that was hidden by Akismet but it seems fine and it's not hidden now:

Let me know if they're still hidden from your side.


I find it interesting that the only all-inclusive (7 letter), meaningful English-language anagram for this "akismet" thing you guys have been talking about is the word "mistake". Is that by design? Or just coincidence? An inside joke?

I looked the silly thing up, and it is an abbreviation for Automatic kismet. It's not like that shed much light on my original question about what in the world this name signifies. I guess I could go dig a little deeper, but I don't really care enough to do so.

Anyway, @Gavins_Games, it might have been just that: a mistake.

Yada, yada, whatever we decide to do in the Shakespearean melodrama of "To quit... Or... Not to quit", and whatever perception or emotion we choose to base that decision upon, i'm sure the world will keep on spinning. Besides, the really cool people make a silent, stealthy exit, when the time comes, IYKWIM.



Didn't see that anagram :) Akismet just scans through posts and hides posts that it isn't sure of and could potentially be spam. It often checks through the posts of new users to make sure they aren't bots or trying to spam the forum. Posts that aren't spam are unhidden by forum staff.


Hi @Gavins_Games!

Sorry about your posts being hidden :-\ Like @t1_hopscotch said, they should be restored! Sorry that our robot caught some of your posts. We're going to see if we can make it a little less aggressive.

When posting, the best thing to consider is "does this post help strengthen the community"? We wanted to make sure that the forum had a really strong culture and focus as it got started, and were most strict about what was and wasn't allowed. But, I think that we can be a little more inclusive now.

So, what do you think? I think "what is everyone working on" will meet this guideline.