Might not be on for a week


So, I am going to see family tomorrow. Faar away, on a plane for about 3 hours. Since Apple may um, explode, on planes, I will not be on hopscotch or the forum at that time. But, if I can convince my mom to let me put my laptop in my bag, I might be on.


Uhhh what? Anyways have fun on your trip!


What do you mean it will explode?


So, u know how Samsung has been exploding, they now say if u use apple on a plane, it might explode 2


It will not xD

That's so fake


Eh. My dad stsill wouldn't let me cuz of the stories


It doesn't need a topic if it's only for one day. Remember, lets keep the Forum clean and tidy


I mean for a week. Not for a day....
like, I'm going to be in Illinois for a week and dprobably wont be on


I live there, :neutral_face: sorry.


I just relized
what if we see each other and we don't realize it


I live in a suburb by Chicago.




Sometimes therez a lady walking a bulldog...


Last year I saw a boy in the neighborhood


Yeah same. Does it start with a N or a G or a W?


I am a girl.


Ya I think so


Well, than it wasn't u XD


I look like a boy though


Hm. I don't know
My moms like, this could be a robot that isn't real and I'm like
But what if she isnt