Might not be myself



Sorry if I act a little weird in the next couple days. I acted really weird in ballet yesterday, and I had really bizarre dreams, and I had clowns on my mind. And our dance teacher played music called bring in the clowns... XD anyways, just a little heads up if I act kind of strange.


firsf reply/like! Ok!


I don't get it about clowns. I sure you will be fine.

The trend will die soon anyways like everything else.


I know I'll be fine. Just the idea... Anyway I don't like clowns.


No one knows if it's real, or just a social media trend. Respect both options. :D

I'm sorry, @TheGreenBanana. Hope you feel better soon! :D




Okay, I hope you feel better soon :D


I understand.
I hope you feel better soon!


The police came to my school this morning and said that the clowns weren't real and there was nothing to worry about :)

I don't know about other places but I hope you feel better soon, try not to worry too much!


And again nice topic! Ok, I understand! :slight_smile:




Ok! Thanks for letting us know. Those clowns are scary, they are all over the USA