Might leave. ;-;



Ohhh... First, everyone is leaving. I feel so lonely. Second, all mods are leaving. Lots of people was demoted from "leader". Today this forum isn't this fun, good, nice place. There are a lot of haters. Without mods, this forum isn't a forum. I think that people don't need me.

  • Stay
  • Leave
  • We don't need you @DMF. Bai right now.


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Ok. I won't leave, I'll take a little break. And I want to give some shoutouts :slight_smile:
and others! Bai! :wink:


Wait what.....??? I want you to stay. I wanna see your amazing projects!


Ohh... ;-; and now I'm stressed out


:smile::grinning::slight_smile::slight_frown::slight_frown::pensive::disappointed: stay! We can get through this!


Nu don't leave

I jus came and evryon is leaving


Ye and I may be the next


We have too many people leaving already. Don't go plz


Today is my father's birthday, congrats to him. But it's very sad day for me.


How come?

Don't worry, it'll be alright.


I, StarryDream will be the Leader without a badge


PLEASE stay! I know I can't make you, but please stay! Your games inspire me and you are an amazing person!




This is probably one of the darkest times of Hopscotch Forum. But I will not give up until I see light.
So should all of us


Yes. I don't understand THT.




;-; ouch. BAI!!!!


We don't need to understand adults
We will become them one day anyway


Have a nice break!


How about your H.A.B membership?


I feel sad when I think about it