(Might) leave the forum


So, yeah, I might leave the forum
Here r the reasons

2. I'm in high school now

I'm currently grade 8 now, and homework r slowly becoming more and more
So, yeah

3. I don't think my drawing brings happiness anymore

When I post a drawing, the comments mostly r:
"Omg I just lost my self-confidence"
"I'm jealous"
"I'm never drawing again"
I think my drawings just make people unhappy about their drawings, even though their art is better than mine in different ways.( like, I'm not good at digital and coloring)

4. Ppl don't like my drawings anymore

So everyone thinks that I'm a good artist, and it's normal for me to draw good.
Now ppl don't even look at my art anymore
Cause they think that oh, duh, she draws good, cause she is good at drawing

So, yeah, here r my reasons for now

Okay @MR.GAM3R here r some of my drawings

And yes, as u said the forum it's not just for drawings
I......'m not good at coding :-:


I'm older :stuck_out_tongue:


The main point is not that XD


Since when is 8th grade in high school and I'm older but your not to old to be on the forums.


It's a joke (and a compliment), it doesn't actually make them sad. XD


It is high school for me
We don't have middle school XDD



Oh ok. (characters dmdmdm)


By a lot of ppl secretly showing that



I dont think your to old for hopscotch, unless if you really think?


I don't agree, just because you're a good artist doesn't mean people ignore you X3


I'm only nine!!
I love everybody's projects!


Also, the forums aren't just for drawings.



But that's what I feel


Awesome drawings :smile: seriously, I cannot draw like that


Hey, don't worry! I have absolutely zero coding skills, and I still love hopscotch :D



How are you 12 and in 8th grade?! :0

That's crazy XD


  1. You are never too old for the forum! There are 13 year olds on here! :0
  2. I understand that though. :)
  3. They say that cuz it's so amazing! It doesn't totally mean they'll literally stop drawing :3
  4. YES THEY DO!!!! How can u think that? :0000

Please don't leave....


Please don't leave! We like your art!
(btw I thought you said you were 13?)