Might leave hopscotch (NOT FOR ATTENTION)


Hi everyone! I just want to let you know I might have to leave hopscotch. I know I have been successful in the past month. But it is very time consuming and takes lots of work. If you REALLY want me to stay, I will make an exception but won't be super active like before. Please don't think I'm doing this for attention because I LOVE Hopscotch.


PS This is why I haven't posted anything in over a month!

I am going to leave soon

Should I stay?

  1. Yes
  2. No



Don't leave hopscotch, u could work on things when u have time, hopscotch could be a free time activity, so u don't have to leave


I think it's impossible to just go. You do t have to do hopscotch all the time. When your bored you can say "I might as well make a hopscotch project."


True, you guys have a point, I guess I just won't be as active...


@Curved_Guitar its the same for me


Out of 20 people, 100% voted "Yes".


Yeah. . .It looks like you're going to have to stay, because 24 people voted for you to stay!


As of now, 27=100%...

All says yes...


You should stay I would love to do your competitions when you post them!



But it you stay