Might be on less!


Basically school and homework and I'm probably going to be grounded and get my phone taken away tonight so yah!

I'll be on, just less. Hopefully my phone isn't taken away forever. I did something pretty... Um... StuPid lol..


Okay! Well, I will see you when you are ungrounded!


see you soon @ButterBark! sorry @bluedogmc-official lol

your name just showed up.


What XD that's okay XD


We all hate it when we get grounded


I've never been grounded before though. My mom is going to be home soon though uh oh


I understand, it's hard to be on HS and the forums where is is HW and other stuff! Good luck with the grounding! :grimacing:


Why do u think ull be grounded?




What happened was I left my phone on the bumper of my moms car and she drove somewhere and i forgot it was still on it and yah. Luckily I called her and it was on the ground by her car but it was still irresponsible of me.


What did you do? It's fine if you don't tell us XD.

I will miss you


Thanks! Look at the post above for what I did lol!


OMG. Wow any damage at all?


Ok! We'll miss u ;-;

Bai! :D


Nope, luckily. It was right under her car.


Gud. How long yu grounded?


Thanks everyone! She is coming home soon! I'm not sure if I'm in trouble or not, my parents are really nice!

I'll still be on less because of school though!


I haven't been grounded yet!

My mom is coming home soon and I'm not sure if I'm in trouble or not! My parents are really nice so hopefully not!

I'll still be on less because of school though!


That happened today?!


Yep, it happened today! My mom is still out though, it happened like an hour ago. She's coming home soon! :grimacing:


Oh no!!! I hope you armed grounded