Might be leaving topic (important, read please)



I know I made a lot of topics about leaving, but whenever I feel like getting off hopscotch a bit I'll say it here. There are some real-life things happening, I got a phone, a few weeks ago I totally got addicted to this online game called "Diep.io" (sorry if that just sounds really off-topic, but wait! there's some hopscotch related stuff!)

I'll confess. I do feel a little left out when my projects don't get very noticed. Smiles from a person so much miles away won't help, but advice would. I try to not remix quizzes and stuff like that, so I might make my own remix account for all the stuff I remix. I also feel a little left out when after an hour or so, there is usually only 2 or 1 posts or none at all!

Anyway, back on the topic title, even though my school ends next week (June 17th) There is still a little pressure because my exams for math, history, science, etc. were last week and I tried my best in those subjects, i'm nervous how my last 3rd grade report card will be. So I'm still busy and I don't have the feeling to do some coding. This also counts for the forum.

Sorry if this topic wasn't hopscotch related.


Mass tag list


wait, is this not allowed anymore or something? im confused


The OMTL is allowed! :3


When you didn't get the reply you wanted, but thanks for telling me


is anyone caring? give me a good response



I am sorry that you feel left out and stuff.

I know how you feel, and if you decide to quit, we'll miss you.

I think you should make a separate account for remixes and chat, that'd help!

You're a great HSer and you can take breaks if you need, I know what you mean.

If smiles don't help, I'll give you deep faces instead:



@Ihasfluffycupcakes don't leave! You have helped me learn the forum! From the start to the possible finish sometime! You can still come on even with the new app! I trust you'll make the right decision for you I will miss you if you make that decision! You can do the app and go on hopscotch just you don't have to be here as often!


thanks, I guess

also any face doesn't really help



But aaaanyways, I like derp faces so:3:3:3


What is OTML an acronym for?


Official Mass Tag List, that's what it stands for.


I don't think it's allowed anymore!
Sorry your leaving ;-;
Have fun in your real life :D
Also your not allowed to use the mass tag list of any kind on a leaving topic :wink:


@Ihasfluffycupcakes don't worry. If you want to leave, I am fine with that, not because I don't care, but because I want the best for you. If you are leaving, I know I'm not holding you back, and you are going through life happily.

It isn't about attention—it's about how you feel about yourself and how much those people who do give you attention give you.

I'll tell you one thing, if my internet weren't so bad, I'd probably be in your feed more usual than normal! :wink:


See, you guys think im annoying

I always have fun online until I look at my topics


and people cried a river when magmapop left


It says right there, "not because I don't care."

Don't be so hard on yourself.


Best friend, don't leave! I know how it feels, but you've been Featured before, and you're lucky for that! I'm addicted to agar.yt because I stink at Diep.jo lol but I'm addicted to musical.ly so we have addictions as well


What they mean is they probably don't want you to leave but they want you to be happy! And if leaving is going to make you happy they are ok with it! :D


Please don't call us annoying.

Also if you leave, ok. I am the same as @Hoppertoscotch. If you leave, I'm fine with it, go ahead. But not because I don't like you, because you decided to leave, and I can't force you not to leave. So why try. If you want advice here's some. Keep being you, do what you're passionate about, and keep living life. If you want to leave, go ahead. Just do what is best for you.


Can you please take me out of that tag list, please!!