Might be leaving HS


I don’t find HS fun anymore. I might be here still, but the next HS project will probably be in a few months. I still make backgrounds. I have finished with SinCos now. It was nice seeing you guys support me, but now I am gone (for now)
Special thanks to:
People I like

gg riot.


It’s okay. People leave now and then.
We’ll miss you!
(Note: anyone reading this, please leave all off-Hopscotch topics on a general topic.)


I will still be on the forum just inactive on My HS Acc.




I’m playing Geometry Dash now chat to me while I play I have emails on


I made a project detailed more about why I’m leaving and some more stuff.


Oh no… I haven’t said much to you, but enjoy life


I am active on the forum


Why did you thank me?


In my early days you helped me and became my friend. You helped me to know the forum a bit more


Thank you for the special “thank you”. I will really miss you, have fun IRL. If you come back someday, I’ll surely be really happy. It’s your decision though. Bye.


I am still here, on the forum. Just very, VERY inactive on actual HS


Okay… how?


Okay. That’s something at least.


Oh ok. No problem :D