Might be leaving (for good)


You guys might heard what happened about the mods and leaders leaving. Well that just changed my perspective of the forum now. I just need a break. As you can see my profile picture is sad. I might not come back I don't know. I just need to process what happened. Yall are amazing and please stay amazing for me!

Bye Bye Leaders and Mods😖

This is a hard time for all of us.
We just need to push through.
It'all get better soon. Take a break, and see what happens.


Please don't leave! I would be so sad! You are the one best friends I could ever have!


Ill miss ya frendo


Don't leave! You are awesome! I didn't know all the mods and leaders left! That's terrible! It must be so hard for THT to manage the forum! I hope they get new ones soon!


They're not getting new leaders


Oh no! These things are terrible! Leaders AND @Sweetlina...I am so sad...


And possibly me
And some other hops have already left


NOOOOOO! I am a sad kitty... Check my profile pic now...


GOodbye @Sweetlina. Are you still going to code in HS?


What is the light the darkness profile pic thing



Have a nice break @Sweetlina!:wink:

"Even in the darkest place, there is always a hint of light."


Yes. I actually lost touch with hopscotch and the forum. I feel like everything is just wrong after this incident :frowning:


You can take a break, please come back tho ;-;


I understand but please don't leave. U r an awesome friend!


Please don't leave @Sweetlina!!


LOVE YOU @Sweetlina!!!
Miss you!!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Nooooo don't goooooo


Awesome quote!