Midnight Easter Game :0



I don't actually celebrate Easter, but lots of you guys do! So, I'm gonna need anyone's help to make an Easter game by this morning. Anyone on? If so, I need some help. I want to make an Easter Egg Hunt with a small movie at the end where Stargirl wakes up and looks for eggs, and you play as Stargirl. Can anyone help?


I can help! :D

What do you need help with? The game sounds awesome! :D


Sure! I totally don't have anything to do, and by this morning?
Yeppers! :D


Models! I want to make an easter basket and more, I need some music, and some help with code!


Awesome! Thanks, guys!


Wish I could help but I don't have my I-pad right now, I know this game will be awesome though!!


I can make a Easter Basket! :D
And the models! :D

I could also help with the code. :D


Music... ;-;





I'm still practicing making music. '^-^


Okay, I think I can do that anyways!


I can make "more" and help with code!


Ok, here's the first version!



Can I edit a few things? And add models. :D

What models do you need? :D

I will post a link here once I'm finished... :D


I don't celebrate eater either! Or Christmas...or Halloween..or Valentine's Day..or Saint Patrick's day


Yeah! Add whatever you think we need. I want to add some bunnies into her backyard, make the animation longer... And add a tree and some bushes, plus some flowers.


Urk. I really have to sleep. I'll be back in around seven hours or so.


Here's a link! :D


I didn't make a lot of progress, but I will be able to do more tommorrow! :D




Oh can I do music?


I can help if you still need any...


Yep! You guys can do whatever you want. I'm not on my iPad and won't be because I'm going to brunch in a few minutes, but feel free to add some calm music and further continue the game.