Midleading Leaving Messages


K, so you know when people say there gonna leave and then others are like no new love you when they don't mean that. It is very misleading leading and it's lies. I said I was leaving and people are like you are great and all and they don't mean it help this makes no sense


Can I change the title please? It looks like you're insulting someone, from the title.


Sure but I will change it


Do you like it? I do


How about "Misleading Leaving Messages?"? I think that it gets to the point faster, because it's more concise.


Sounds better, and it'll be less likely to get flagged. :wink:


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Also, how do you know they were lying? If you were upset about people saying they were leaving and not, that would be a better point. :wink:


Because sometimes they are I know


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I'm going to change the title- it's a bit long :wink:


I think it's because people want to get on people's good side or actually don't lie, and think you're actually great...


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But it's lying


Yeah, thanks PT.

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Not to be rude, but it is impossible to read someone's mind. If you have a different opinion then theirs, that would be a different story. :wink:


That applies to everyone... :sweat_smile: