Mid forum crisis 😀



A lot of people have a time in the forum where they sort of fall. It's like the mid forum crisis. You fall and you can't get back up without help. That happened to me and @KVJ got me back up. For some people that happens and they don't get up. It happens to a lot of people. Just a notice!


First like.

First reply.


nice speech :3



I'm happy to help anytime! :smiley:



I really don't get this at all, but it seems helpful.

Do you mean like they can't keep themselves out of flame wars?

Or are being bullied often?

Or are depressed or sad or scared?


If you don't get it, how is it helpful? I actually get it. XD


What do you mean? No idea what you are talking about.


It's like all of those basically


I get it. After all it happened to me


I was talking to @tankt2016 but XD


So you do get it. How it happens and what it feels like


I get it too, and I'm sure friendship2468 does.


The friendship that is suspended?


I think I'm experiencing that to be honest :confused:


Don't worry! It will go away in a little bit