METS NY? Help, Why Do I Follow Them?


Okay, so I looked at a Hopscotcher names Me's profile and couldn't get to their actual profile through "the go to profile" section:

So I looked up the name and something so RANDOM showed up:

I've never even heard of them, so what do I do? Why am I following them? Maybe I forgot...I'm unsure. HELP!


You could have just followed them, and you don't remember. Or you followed them, then they changed their name! Don't be worried! If you want to followe them, just keep following. If you don't want to, unfollow them! No biggie!


Yeah this happens a lot to me I'll be following someone then they change their name and I'm like...When did I follow them? :3


Thanks! Helps a lot​:grinning:


Well, that


glitch is the same glitch I have.

@HorsesKM will probably want to help.


Me is people from the phone version... METS NY has nothing to do with this...


No, "A Hopscotcher" is a phone user.

"Me" is the weird glitch that happens when you go into a Hopscotch project through a link :wink:.


Oh... Whoops :sweat_smile: