Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Nope. At less than I don’t think so


Fea told me to get on here.
I’m in a math class…

did anyone need anything?


@Someone45356 wanted the wb link.


I’m guessing you don’t live in the US? Because it’s 8pm here.


We do.
He’s at my house for a sleepover but he still had to go to his math class.

West coast.
It’s like 5


Oh, okay, makes sense.
(I’m over here on the east coast.)


I figured


Uhhh @Jake who are you again?


Hi, my name is Jake!


Yes I got that

@Someone45356 that’s actually pretty cool but idk how you’ll do it with no gender, and what you’ll do for the skin color and stuff.

I can give you a ref for an actual Phoenix drawing I did and you can do something along the lines of that in a corner of you want.

Idk I gtg rn but tag me and tell me what you wanna do. I’m fine with anything ig.



As in, are you legit or are you someone’s alt?

If you’re an alt, what’s your main acc?


I am Jake.

Who are you?


I’m fearless.

Hey uhh I gotta go.

Sorry. Maybe we can talk later?


See you later.


Hey jake I have a hopscotch tip for you


Yes, what is your tip for me Mr.rex?


Step on squares -1 and 014 to rule the world


-1 isn’t a square. Shouldn’t you know about Hopscotch?


next time you make hopscotch make a -1 square. trust me. it’s a life hack