Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Oh. Wasn’t there another 666? Or was that @Satan?


Nope. At less than I don’t think so


Fea told me to get on here.
I’m in a math class…

did anyone need anything?


@Someone45356 wanted the wb link.


I’m guessing you don’t live in the US? Because it’s 8pm here.


We do.
He’s at my house for a sleepover but he still had to go to his math class.

West coast.
It’s like 5


Oh, okay, makes sense.
(I’m over here on the east coast.)


I figured


Uhhh @Jake who are you again?


Hi, my name is Jake!


Yes I got that



As in, are you legit or are you someone’s alt?

If you’re an alt, what’s your main acc?


I am Jake.

Who are you?


I’m fearless.

Hey uhh I gotta go.

Sorry. Maybe we can talk later?


See you later.


Hey jake I have a hopscotch tip for you


Yes, what is your tip for me Mr.rex?


Step on squares -1 and 014 to rule the world


-1 isn’t a square. Shouldn’t you know about Hopscotch?