Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



:left_speech_bubble: Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings. — Ralph Blum


@SarcasticTvHead hey! what were you gonna say?


Nothing just quoting stuff oof


Oh okay fun.


Probably gonna leave sometime soon.
(Not that anyone cares, but here’s a heads up anyway)
Can’t stand vday, and I’d love to be here for Fea’s anni but that’s probably not gonna happen.
So soonish I guess.
As in very soonish



Actually at least like 6+ people care


Don’t leave!
The memes want you to stay!


no 6! please don’t leave! we all do care about you, and i’m really sorry if it doesn’t seem like it. i’m sorry that sometimes people (including me) pay more attention to Fea than to you. but you’re just as important. you are amazing, no matter what you think. you are one of my closest friends, and i’d miss you so much if you left. it doesn’t matter if you don’t like vday, and you don’t have to do anything on vday. i’m sorry that you felt forced to go and do stuff, i’m sorry you felt forgotten or overshadowed. but you are just as amazing, special, and important as anyone else here.


plz don’t leave


I second all of that

Besides, you can just skip coming on the forum on vday


Please don’t!
Look, you’ve helped me so many times!
I kinda need you, or my life would be in jeopardy!
I’m sorry!
I’m sure sometimes we pay attention to Fea more than you, but we all care about you more than anything!
You contribute to the forum more than anything, and you can make people smile…
Please stay…
For all of us…
Lol why am I crying


NOOOOO!!! If you leave then, like, everyone will be super depre.ssed. And nobody wants to be depre.ssed. Therefore, you should stay. You are a great person, please do not go!


Thanks ig y’all.

Probably will but uhh nice to know you care I guess


CoM don’t cry it’s rly not that big of a deal.
(Read my bio)


Yes I know, but please…
And yes I am because I went to the Er yesterday, I have to make that game ready, and now you’re leaving…
Please 6…


Oof I h8 the er dude how’d it go?
It’s okay, I’ll still be on hs and I’ll help when you need it occasionally, mkay?

Im not that important and it realllllyy doesn’t matter that much,


Fine ig, I almost passed out tho

Yes, but we need you to be here…
And yes you are so important! You keep this place going! You know when and what to say…

Please stay…
Don’t leave us…


Ooof yeah not fun.

I believe you’re mistaking me for fearless


Hi @Squat

How are ya?


Yeah no.
Both of you do help.
Just, on V day?

Could I ask a favor from you?
Yeah, prob not cause you’re leaving…

Please do not leave