Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Yeah we are, she doesn’t know lol
Where did you make that Fea quiz?


Gtg sorry dinner.

Cya later


See you 6!
Dangit 20…


The Giant Post 666

Song lyrics and 666/Metal Puns Incoming


(I’d me on the mentaI HeaIth topic rn if it still existed but it doesn’t so I’ll be alone here instead)


i’m here do you don’t have to be alone (or not if you want to be alone)



Idk I’m just kinda sad moody whatever rn so feel free to stay if you’d like


Ohkay you left funn

I’m just gonna talk to discobot or something then ig


noooo sorry i’m on the bus

this one kid took my glassesbut im back :3

what’s up?


Lol okay it’s fine I keep forgetting pople are in different tie zones

Oof well I’m glad you got them back

Idk I just kinda feel like a complete outside here. I don’t really have that many friends here and most of them (probably all) would rather talk to someone else and wherever I go people usually ask me to just get Fea on (don’t get me wrong I (fren/sibling) love Fea I really do but it’s just kinda like that’s all I’m good for.
And usually it’s just kinda people ranting to me and or Fea about their stuff and just leave or ignore it when I need something. Idk I’m probably just overreacting and being over sensitive it’s nothing

So how are you?


See this is what i mean


@discobot fortune

can you give me a hug?


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Ok so that’s a no.

Rip me
Thanks anyway @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.




Thanks tankbot
Rant on post 672


6 i feel really horrible for continually leaving you… i’m not even to give you my excuse this time. i’m just a terrible person


No no no you’re cool it’s fine really


@discobot quote thanks