Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Few, an estimate, I suppose?


I can’t wait!
I know a teeny bit of calculus


Oh yeah nouns sock,


I just found a slipknot tool mashup and it’s legit like my new fav thing dude it’s really epic cool great epic



Ooh cool what do you know about calc so far?


Lol that sounds cool!
I gtg now, wish me luck if I do ask(you know)
Oh, and my math quiz


Heh yeah.

Kk cya,
Good luck asking them and on your math test! I’m sure you’ll do great!!


Me: The review of previous math classes :joy:


That the way to find it is to discover the area of a small part, and slightly repeat it that it goes over the wave, but small so it’s a pretty good estimate


part of the ___?


Can you put them?
People might know too much lol


So like a mini mashup of diff and integral calc.
You’ll lovvveeeee derivatives dude they’re super fun to work with


Lol nice.

Wait what grade r u in?


Grade A Robot (lol) :D
A for Awesome


Lol nice okay

gtg eat dinner sorry.

Cyall later!!


Hi @A_Metalhead!
I need to go to school soon, just popping in lol


hi CoM! popping in too i guess (i’m on my school bus so yeah)


I am really really really scared SEND HELP

Don't open I am actually scared by this match % ahhh

I – I – I tried fearless and Petrichor and I got this and I’m really scared


sends help
hope whatever’s making you scared goes away


Oh wait that that is creepy