Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Okay, I’ll still use they tho!

So, how are you?


Idk rock I guess. Not much other than that, tho I will occasionally listen to literally anything with appreciate-able musicianship behind it


I’m fine.



Have you listened to nothing else matters By Metallica?
Or steady as she goes by the raconteurs?

Yeah that’s not really rock but I only listen to steady, kinda not so “boom” rock lol


Nervous a bit, fire the test and you know what
But not as much


Yeah I’ve listen to 'tallica (ofc lol)
Not sure I have lol


Hehe it’ll be okay :))

Fea told me and I promise I won’t tell or bring I up or anything.


Yeah I like it, Metallica is pretty nice
Oof it’s slowish fastish Rock kinda


Okay, thanks
Fea said you were trustworthy, so why not?



Oh cool I’ll check them out


Yeah no problem


Jack White’s in the raconteurs

So, how’s school?
What are you learning?





@Apricity- thanks for caring! I care about you too, I have a sheep Apricity draft in my account lol.
It was about some personal stuff that includes a lot of stuff and I trusted Fea, I knew them a lot, and 6 knows too. I trust you 100%, just I don’t know some stuff about you and it could of made you disagreeing


Schools pretty boring.
We’re doing a lab in chemistry, ww2 in history, essays in English and calc and trig in math. In comp sci we’re doing SQL

Wbu? What are you learning?


We are learning ratios
You don’t know my exact age right, or my grade?
People only know my gender and I kinda wanna keep it that way, @tankt2016 thinks I live in the east but she’s wrong lol

Ww2? My brother would love that!
He’s a history nerd

Also learning…
Laws of motion
And nouns
Horrible nouns


Wait what lol whoops



I think I do know you’re age/grade but Im it’s okay and I won’t tell and I’m prob won get anyway lol.

Ooooooffff dude I h8ed learning nouns those were horribllleeeee gosh
Laws of motion aren’t that bad once you get the basic concept ig


Oof kinda

Ok, but not like, 100%?
I hope not right?
But I’m not in high school or middle school, only hint

Sorry tankt, nobody can know that

Nouns sock
Yeah, Motion isn’t horrible, I love my teacher


No not like 100%

Yeah I get that.

Just wait till high school – math based physics and then you get into calc based psychics. It’s really fun. (Not sarcastically bc it’s actually really fun)