Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Yeah I saw that and I said that it was a duplicate and to use the existing ‘offical’ Ninjago one Fea made forever ago (it’s still not dead)

Nope didn’t spamflag. And you can’t delete topics, can you?


Oki guess jacg was lying or wrong about the spamflag part

Nope unless you’re a mod.
And idk if leaders can do it


Yeah probably.

Oh okay.
Wait aren’t leaders mods and mods leaders?, (lol I really don’t get trust levels haha)


They can chose who is a mod, only a mod can choose whose a mod


Wha— okay nvm lol


Mods choose the mods, leaders and mods choose leaders, and can promote people to regular


hugs 6


Oh okay cool.

lol I still dont get the difference but okay whatev


Lol I don’t really know either


… thanks I guess? That was random but I’ll take it ig


I’m blasting tool rn and I’m ~~


@CoderOfMagic did you ask her? I saw your project lol.” -fp


Idk yet!
I feel kinda nervous, even just as friends lol.


whOA CorEy what Are you DoIng now DUdE?



Also, this is 6 right?


“lol it’ll be fine CoM :)))”-fp



Also, does Fea know that I saw you use the actual pronouns(if you’re 6)
Will they get mad at me?


Yeah lol.

Corey Taylor’s doing a hiphop/rap collab and I’m having serious mixed feelings on it lol


Ok, what music do you like besides metal?
People ridicule me when I say I like French songs


Yeah. Fea’s cool with me calling them anything. Sometimes I just call them what they’re feeling like but usually I just try to stick to they.

They won’t get mad at you