Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Okay, thanks a lot!

Oof could I take that Fea quiz?


Np dude anytime

Oh boy not sure if that’s a good idea but uh sure.
How about this; You can do it once, and I won’t tell you how you did. Otherwise the same thing that happened yesterday might happen and you really probably don’t want that happening


I agree, I mean, you don’t think you had an anxiety attack, but still…


I didn’t, oof!
I don’t do that lol

I remember it, and the test questions too lol
Turns out I remembered what happened but I dreamed about it too?
I’m fine, tho


Let’s do what I suggested and let’s leave it at that.

Or, fearless could make another one that’s completely random + different that you could try doing


Unless you sorta were in a dream sorta not?
Lol this made me want to become a doctor when I grow up ima wind up looking up basic first aid now
In addition to yanking five splinters out of my bro’s skin lol


What’s the Oc’s name?
It’s being published soon
I need to go soon so


Oof, turns out I was not drinking enough water
I feel a bit floozy even today lol


Gosh dang I forgot how to spell it lol lemme go ask Fea really quick


It basically means Silvershine in our language.
You could probably just say SilverShine lol kowasłiazké is a bit complicated

(We come up with the weirdest names for stuff)


makes sense dont get dehydrated please

Although I probably drink less
But I probably need less too


I saw you come like stuff


I won’t
Actually I’m considering staying

Oof I have to go!
Bye guys!

It’s published


Omigosh yay!!!




Bye CoM!

Cool. I’ll tell Fea to go check it out.
They say tysssssssmmmmm tho


“Dude I love it thanks CoM!
Also I’m super glad you’re staying !”-fp


6, did you ever see a ninjago topic made by JACG?
He says you and Petrichor edited it, spamflagged it, and (somehow) deleted it (which I highly doubt).
Just trying to find out if this is true or not, I don’t think you’d ever do something like spamflagging though.


You typed @Awesome_E frustration, so it was technically by request. (Idk if you remember but I wouldn’t do that otherwise.



Idk if I’m staying 100%
I just feel a lot better


Still great though!