Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



Yeah. They’ve done it at least three times now, they’ve been mean to CoM atleast twice and traced your art. ://

I wish people didn’t do that kinda stuff


Yeah, it’s awful how people do things like that.




What was the edit?

It’s k if you don’t wanna say just wondering


Just edited something out I said while I was still mad at him


Ah okay cool

Edit: lol @tankt2016 can you post something? I don’t want post 555 lol. (I’m assuming you read it tho?)


@tankt2016 how?

Don’t wanna reopen an old wound but how?


Well we did get mad at him for calling Fea he and I think we went too far and hurt his feelings,


And yeah I did read it and i do agree with you


Thank you lol.

Yeah okay. I get where you’re coming from but ig I just wanted to explain myself and my tea



Thanks CoM


@Awesome_E stop.
Don’t touch my topics okay? Not cool. You never had permission to do that and I never requested.


@CoderOfMagic we should prob talk here and not spam cv


Why not lol



So what BG were you talking about?
(I’m really out of touch rn sorry I took a nap and then just started blasting music and doing HW and studying for tests lol)


Ack brb gtg dry my hair really fast


Don’t want to disturb you if you’re studying!

It’s an oc, pale ice blue skin, greyscale hair, black flower shirt…?


See you!


Nah you’re not disturbing me I’ve mostly finished up anyway.

Ohh yeah I remember that one. Fea came up with them when they were like 8 lol I used to love drawing it.

The BG/setting for that OC is normally either a frozen waterfall or infront of trees dusted with snow. Or a cave with sparkly crystal stuff in it works too.
Take your pick between those three lol


Lol that was not fast in any way shape or form.
Long hair takes a surprising amount of time to dry and dread lol