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What do you think I look like irl?

Oh oof okay


can i play too please since i’m here?



I think Tankt left so you can answer that Truth question if you want



yo can u tell fearless that im sorry for what happened earlier?

today has been very rough for me so it was hard to keep myself composed



Yeah sure I can tell them

They’ll probably say “it’s okay, everyone has rough days. I’ve been there and I get that. You’re cool bro”


my actions can really get out of hand sometimes, i fear that one day ill do something way worse and not realize a thing until its done…


schools been stressing me to deat lately,

i have no idea what im doing at this point honestly…


Yeah I can kinda understand that.
That’s a really valid fear. I feel like everyone fears that at one point or another. I guess all that you can do is try to not let it consume you but thats definitely easier said than done…


Really? Ooooff yeah school can sock really bad at times.
Atm I think you’re just kinda hurt/sad and maybe want a place to vent and/or a friend/hug. (Which I will gladly provide if you want it)


Uh 6




“Hey, dude, it’s okay. I’m not mad. I know how you can get and I don’t really blame you. I prob deserved it anyway.
I get that you’re scared that you might do worse but it’s okay. You ave friends that’s are there for you. We’ll help you and some people would still be willing to be your friend even if you do something really bad
If you wanna talk I’m here.”


it scared me when i did that other thing, the aftermath bc everyone h8d me and for a second i doubted ur words regarding that u actually care…

but ok.


"If I didn’t actually care I wouldn’t stil keep trying to help after you (kinda no offense don’t feel worse bc of this) went a bit too far before I kind got to know you well. Don’t doubt me – I care about my friends and now you classify as a friend.

I get being scared and having it seems like everyone h8s you cuz you messed up a little. I’ve learnt that your friends wouldn’t actually ever h8 you or give up on you." -fp
(“Sorry if I made stuff worse…”-fp)


heh im not an expert on having friends at all so ofc i dont know anything about when ppl would trust me or not…


“Well I’m not either so I guess we can figure it out together.
Wanna do a wbf or something? You can draw and I can draw/just be there if you want”-fp


sure lets do that lol


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JACG did ://
It’s all on tankts gt but I think you’ve seen that


Yeah I saw.

Surprisingly/Unsurprisingly they’re the same guy who traced my art a while back :))