Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



not much. )actually a lot but it doesn’t matter)
how about you?


It does matter. So what’s up?

Idk just procrastinating on doing HW. Nm. Waiting for you to tell me about your day and what’s up w you


And that’s the day my favorite movie comes out xD I’d be glad to do it


Lol actually? Dang a lot of stuff happens on 2/22
Too bad 6/66 doesn’t exist. That’d be my day :joy::joy:


Yee. That’s where it comes from.


We can throw a party like we did for their first forum anniversary. @Grizzlyzoe


Hola, mi amigo, esto es divertido


I’ve never tried.

  • black hoodie
  • jeans
  • sneakers
  • idk lol


I’m in! Great idea.


Oh yeah! Dude fea’d love that



Wait lol I didn’t know you were in ff


Anyone up for a forum game or something?


Which one?


Idk we could do T or D I guess if you want or something



Truth or dare?


Truth because I’m lazy lol


Would you rather be stuck in an alternate universe or stuck inside an iPad?


Aren’t they technically the same thing?
I’d take being stuck in an iPad tho.
Kinda like pixel being stuck in Zane’s head (plz tell me someone gets the reference?)


T or d Tankt?


Lol no I don’t get the reference

And truth please
gtg soon