Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



This,.,. Actually took waaayy to long to find.
Anyway here

Fea’s the one on the far right with the read lightsaber. If you look up a few of their posts you’ll find the request form (lol I’m too tired to go looking for it atm and school is just about to let out)


So should I draw Fea like that in the group pic?


Hmm idk… I’ll ask them, hang on.


“Hmm. Question 1: Can you draw skeletons? Question 2: describe (in detail) what you think I look like. Depending on the answer to that I’ll tell you what I’d like to be drawn as. (I’ll still have a black hoodie (hood up) and may or may not have a cape. Also Phoenix wings. And maybe a panther tail (lol I’m getting creative here haha. If that’s too much just cut some stuff out, idm))” -Fea

lol I love where this is going (Fea’s describing one of their OCs lol)


whoops sorry for wasting ur time.

Thank u so much though!


lol it’s okay. I’m not being productive anyway.

No problem.
I should probably be thanking you for doing this for my friend


Aha sure no problem!

I haven’t really talked to Fea but they seem like a good person so why not :)


Yeah Fea’s pretty chill.
If they ever came back, you guys’d probably be friends

“Yo hey Madsie. You seem super cool and I wish I’d talked to you a bit more. You’re an epic artist and a good friend (from what I’ve seen on the dt). Maybe we’ll have a chance to talk later I guess” -Fea

(I just told them to say hi to you and that’s what they said. Yeah, you’d get along great)


Haha Fea’s sweet. Tell them a thank you from me.


They said “no problem dude. Thanks you” -fp


Lol that’s my sister’s bday


Lol cool.
How old will she be turning? (if you don’t mind sharing)


Ayy almost to 500 posts


Yay 500th post!
It’s a wiki because why not


lalalala editing cuz fun

Wow this is fun editing posts

No @PerilTheSkywing I know that was you

Hey how did you know that

Hey- GweTV


Don’t you people dare delete your posts


Hey apricity.



I am a troll, like James Fridman.




Photoshop troll


Dude that reminds me of that super old tv theme song.
Like the banana splits or something?
It chorus was like “tra la la, la la la la, tra la la, la la la laa”
Idk why but your trolololololololol reminded me of that lol