Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT



We’d miss you as much as we missed Fea
And we missed Fea a lot if you hadn’t noticed


You know how much we missed CoM when she was gone? Yeah. Same applies to you.


CoM never actually left tho.

“Nope, I didn’t notice that y’all missed me. Sorry?”-fp


For a day. And me and CTS Made a wbf and we were extremely sad.


And it’s ok… sorry for calling you he all the time… I’ll make an effort not to!


I was there.

Fea says it’s okay abt the pronoun stuff


Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT


Hey @FearlessFriends!
Fea’s 5 year Hopscotch anniversary is coming up super soon, on Feb 22nd. They’ve been here for 5 years. Thats a really really long time. Since it’s been such a long time and it’s such a big thing and Fea usually doesn’t get too much attention, I was thinking we could all do something super special for them on their anniversary. All you guys would have to do would be maybe draw or code something for fearless, or do a group pic of Fea’s and their friends or something. It’d probably make them feel special and super happy and it’s not really too much to ask.

it’s a surprise, by the way. Fea doesn’t know about this

Are you in?

  • Definitely
  • Yes
  • No

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** feel free to tag other people that may be interested/ might do this


@Apricity @CTS @JACG2018MASTER
You guys may wanna see that post above


just saw it :3
i’m a definitely


Aaaand here comes my tag list



Oh shoot I forgot to mention that it’s a surprise.

Ooooohh maybe people could post something on hs about this and get people to make stuff on hs? That’d be cool and Fea’d love it


Lol you just tagged Fea.

But nice. We’ll get more people to do this I guess


I’d do something except I’m about to go back to school and idk if I’ve got time.

But regardless, any specific thing you would like me to do?


Idk you could draw Fea a Phoenix or panther or Raven or snake or something

It’s on February 22nd so you have about a monthish


Oh Tankt can you add me to your tag list


I suck at drawing animals oh well. I’ll see what I can do.
my friend’s birthday is on the 22nd of Feb lol


lol that’s cool.

You could maybe draw Fea’s star wars person they made up for Kayro’s group pic.
Ill see if I can find you the post the pic is in


Okay, if you could that’d be great!


Lol whoops