Meta Category Split Into 2 Sub-Categories

There used to be only one meta category, made just for talking about the forum, but there was never a category for talking only about the app. Now there’s two! One for the forum, and one for the app. So now you can talk about the app all you want without getting confused what category to post the topic in!



Yeah! Thanks to t1 we finally can discuss both! It’s great!


Yeah and t1 spent the time to move… let’s see… At least 100 topics from the Meta-Forum category to Meta-Hopscotch.

Thanks so much t1!


Yeah! She is the best!


Aw I’m glad you’re happy! I wasn’t sure on where to put those either :thinking:

Don’t worry it wasn’t all one by one :smiley: Topics which all have the same tag can be set to have a new category e.g. the majority of topics in there came from the #feature_suggestions::tag tag.

Let me know if you think there are any tags that could be moved to fit in another category (@JonnyGamer you might like this :smile:) e.g. the #sin_and_cos tags fit into maths! I moved a couple of them over already.

We can fix duplicate tags too (e.g. the generaltopic tag was changed to #general_topic::tag because it was more common). It looks like there are duplicates for sin and cos too :thinking:

Anyway, if anyone has ideas for how the two categories could be organised (e.g. the names? and should they be sub categories of another category or should they be separate?) please feel free to share.


Nice! Sounds good!
Do you mean sin/cos/trig would be its own sub category? (Then we could have a full on tutorial!)


Ohh sorry I meant I could move them all to an existing category :smiley: Although that could be done, hmm I hadn’t actually thought about sub-categories before! I think we’ll need to observe more before considering making any though.


Yeah, ok that makes sense. Since all of the “help” sin/cos/trig are basically the same, we could create a Math Tutorial sub category, where it’d show off tutorials on how to use sin/cos, or logarithmic equations, etc (basically math heaven)

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I will go and clean up the sin_cos tags now :smiley: I tend to just merge to whichever tag has been used the most. Also, handy link — the tags page is here if anyone is looking :blush: (Or you can click on the hamburger icon next to your profile too)

Hmm just for a record, let me see what sin and cos tags there are: #sin_and_cos #sine_and_cosine::tag


Wow! Thanks for cleaning them up! That’s awesome!!

Woah that’s a lot of tags

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Oh ok, I was thinking that you wouldn’t do it one by one. Still either way, you spent your time to so it!

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#dmfisthecosinemaster::tag @anon10858172


I’m tired of disagreeing, so yup, I am. XD