Messaging with other Hopscotcher/friends


Wouldn't it be cool if hopscotch had a chat icon? So we could message our friends on hopscotch?


I have thought about this too! Here is a pro/con list:

• It would reduce the amount of spam chatros
• Collabs and account chasing would be WAY easier!
• You could really connect with other Hops!

• We don't wand hopscotch to turn into
• Hops could get cyber bullied without others knowing


There's a topic like this already! Remember to SBYP! :wink:


Having that chat icon would be awesome!
Instead of publishing project after project when you just want to type a few words to your fellow hopscotch friend this would be so much easier.


I totally agree, I think we shouldn't have a message thing because that would encourage chat and not code! Also, it'd sort of be not needed because you can just remix projects...