Message to The Hopscotch Team

This was an email sent to, which now seems to be deprecated.

I have known this app for a long time and I have used it a lot, and I liked it.

But when I decided to come back after a noticeable amount of time, it was not comfortable.

Issue 1 - the app continues to crash within around 5 minutes of usage. This seems to happen when my iPad is connected to an iPhone hotspot.

Issue 2 - paywall. I have multiple projects which were made in Advanced Mode, but do not include blocks from there. Projects which do not contain such blocks shall not be hidden behind a paywall if you do not have Advanced Mode.

Issue 3 - didn’t work. I wrote a review in App Store for this app which described my experience, but I decided to rewrite that in this email. I had a text object and a rectangle in different positions, which were not covering each other and it didn’t work! These objects were not shown at all!

Suggestion - remake the paywall to make more sense! Let it be bigger and more colourful and have 3 options: subscribe, spend 50 seeds to use it, or see all Advanced Mode blocks used. I’m sure it would look much better and be more useful than what’s currently used.

Please fix the aforementioned issues and take my suggestion into account.


P. S. here’s the App Store review: it’s not formatted well!!!

I have known this app for a long time and liked it a lot, but I haven’t used it for at least a month and when I decided to check it out again, what I experienced is just funny. Exhibit A - senseless paywall When I got back, and wanted to try to fiddle with one of my old projects, it said that I need to get Advanced Mode again to interact with it. I did not use Advanced Mode in this project at all, and I think that instead of this annoying paywall, there should be the following options: - Spend 50 seeds to continue using it (ONLY if art or Advanced Mode blocks were used in this project) - See summary of all Advanced Mode blocks used. or - Subscribe to Advanced Mode. I also find this popup that you get really dry-sounding. I think that that popup should be reworked into a bigger popup (not a default one) which should include the options above (IF ART OR ADVANCED MODE BLOCKS WERE USED) and probably more info about the subscription. TL;DR this popup should pop up on projects that have art or Advanced Mode blocks, not the projects that were made during that subscription. Exhibit B - crashing This problem has been in Hopscotch for a long time. When you are connected to the Internet and try to use Hopscotch, it crashes within around 5 minutes of using it. There is a whole forum thread about this problem which I would have linked if it wasn’t for a problem which brings us to Exhibit C - the forums are useless now When I tried to go to the forum to write about the problems THAT ARE NOW IN THIS REVIEW, it was locked behind an infinite useless loading screen. Now I cannot access it. Exhibit D - something really didn’t want to write about this anywhere but App Store reviews I tried making a Hopscotch project about these issues, and the problem was IT DIDN’T EVEN WORK! The project had A RECTANGLE in the center of the screen, AND A STRING OF TEXT a bit further from it which said something like Book of Complaints, and it disappeared once I changed the string so it was empty, but its text was set in the beginning of the project, and it OUTRIGHT DIDN’T WORK! I believe it is related to some sort of problem related to trying to execute code at the first frame of the project that AwesomeE described. I really hope that you will fix all of the above issues as soon as possible. ============ Edit: this review was nicely formatted before I submitted it xD

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Might be a edge case they missed. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Hopscotch. You just need to ensure to upload your drafts and remember your password. You can always ask for a reset in case you forgot.

There is an issue where changing from an object to text via code (or was it via changing the object in the editor? I forget which) can cause its size to be set to Infinity (completely invisible, only way to fix it was to set the size to 100%).


Hi ShevaKadu, welcome back to the forum and thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Sorry to hear that it hasn’t been a comfortable experience for you coming back to the app.

Hm that email should still work — I wonder what might be going on.

Yes this crashing after being offline was pretty frustrating. We released an update recently to fix this (in 3.55.0)

If you have downloaded the update, you might just need to delete and re-download the app to clear any extra cache, as Crosbyman mentioned.

I definitely see where you’re coming from. It does feel a bit unfair to be locked out of projects that didn’t use the blocks from Advanced Mode, since it can be easy to forget that you created a project with Advanced Mode turned on.

We will take your suggestions into consideration too.

Yeah that does seem like a bug. Thanks for including the App Store review for extra details. It might be related to this:

I can’t guarantee when it will be fixed, but we do bug fixes regularly so it will probably be addressed in a future update.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to do that!

Thank you so much!!!

Oh okay, thank you!

Thanks SO MUCH for your support! :smiley: