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Hi! This is a message to the community about the forum. So a lot of people have been getting upset because there's been a lot of fights, the forum isn't organized, too many people have been leaving, the forum isn't as good as it used to be, stuff like that.

Well, I think that the forum isn't falling apart. But I also don't think it's the best forum ever. And it doesn't have to be. Listen, this community might have a lot of problems but it's still improving. We are all doing our best. I'm honestly really tired of seeing all the new topics saying "the forum is falling apart!" and "we can do better then this people" because the forum is fine. It's just an online community, not your second home. It doesn't have to be overly organized with no fights to be a great forum. And whenever there is a fight, we can try to work it out. We can also try to prevent fights. But sometimes, they happen. But it doesn't make this place horrible.

The forum is a place to talk about coding, not to worry that it's losing it's greatness. So let's stop complaining, and get to having fun, coding, and making this place better. But remember, the forum will never be perfect, just the best it can be. And that's good :)

Thanks for reading!

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Please read the topic :)


Wow. If sham saw this. She would be wowed. This is so true. I think what happened to my cousin, is she got lost in the standard of having to be perfect.


That doesn't sound good, nobody should try to be perfect :)


My GT explains everything :P.


Great topic frenapai! Very well said :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Thanks so much frenpai!!!! ^.^


The point of the forum isn't to be a social media platform where you can hang out with other people. The forum is meant to discuss Hopscotch, which nobody seems to be doing. If you look at any other forum, the amount of craziness there is next to nothing, because they actually enforce being on topic.


This is a great topic and I agree with most of it!! :000
Could you take me off of the list though? I don't like getting tag a lot.


I agree with this, I just think the hopscotch forum was more enjoyable for me in October-December 2015.


Thank you!! And yes, I'll take you off :)


That's soooo true. People are leaving.
Ok, blank doesn't want to use blank website anymore. Big Deal.
Although it is nice to say our goodbyes though.

People fight in real life. That's life. People are on the forum so arguments are bound to happen, whether it's about coding or not.

All the kid leaders have been demoted. It was for the greater good.

People are off topic. This can get annoying sometimes. But everyone is off topic at least once so before you yell at someone or USE ALL CAPS, give a gentle nudge and say, please get back on topic. Don't use the abbreviation for newer people please.

Thanks Lolly. Nice Topic.


Thanks :)


Wow, that was beautifully said @lollypopcorn :333


Thanks you artsy :D :3


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I'm good, but I have a headache ;-;

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Again this topic is great lol
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