Message from Anonymous




Anon, seriously, what's going on.


Anonymous, what's going on? D:

I know I'm just a person in the background, but can I help in any way?


What's going on? @Anonymous...




Oh, @CreativeCoder I think it's cuz you said "you can leave the topic" so he did :/

But really anon


What's happening are you leaving?


It's a logical statement. Read the topic. If he didn't like what we were doing, then he should do so.



Anonymous, is everything okay? D:

Whoops I'm on the wrong acc. XD


Wut da Heck?utftfiyyjffgyitjyfvuvyfvutftvfucftu


Ok. It's a bit confusing but I think I get it.

Anon, tell us what's going on. Please.


Anon is gone?
I wanted to talk to him about ricegum's new video and he was a great person?
Or is this a prank...?


Are you okay?
Is there anything wrong?
Is there anyway I can help?


Is everything ok? :0
Is anything wrong? :0

I dont know what's going on, if there's anyway I can help I'll try my best!


Anonymous was getting annoyed with with the jumpyduckz and chakin stuff and creative coder and him got into a fight about something...


('~') Uhh... whats going on? Are you ok....


Something's going on. He wouldn't do that. I'm sure of it.


Oh :O

If there's any way I can make anyone feel better I will try! ;o;
But I have a feeling something here isn't right, somethings going on :\


Maybe he's hacked
Or something happened IRL that's making him grumpy
Maybe somethinf ent on in a private message
rememebers something


Hmm.. Are you hacked? Idk..


Yeah.. thats what Im thinking. ('o')