Merry Christmas art


Hey there,I am so excited about Christmas and I wanna look if you can give me to see so Christmas arts!


That is cool!!

I love the snow glob and the snow falling!!


For some reason I can't open it :confused:
Also...It's October :joy:


Nice project :D
But why are you doing this in October :upside_down:?


It's good to prepare for the contest. :DDD


Which contest are you talking about?


The annual Hopscotch Christmas... Contest. XD
I joined in December, a few days before the deadline. So, I got working, but didn't finish. :0000000
dis makes nu sence wut


Cuz. Why did I start a thanksgiving project in August?


Me loves it! It's so cool.


I makes a lot of things that are Christmas but I want to wait in Christmas and put in in hopscotch!