Mermaids Situation (annoying)



Does EVERYONE know about the fakers(mermaids)? Do you think they would make someone quit? Did you know it gets annoying?
Oh well, if you have been PLANNING to get replies and remixes and become a mermaid faker,
DO YOU want hopscotchers to quit? Because, One did! He/she is, QUIT FOREVER MOVE ON
He/she wrote this*I am quitting hopscotch because of these fakers, Dragontrainer101,*This hopscotcher put MANY fakers, and I replied back,IKR! It is annoying. I am getting annoyed and they keep replying an excuse. Current mermaids: Dragontrainer101,Trendygirl,more,more more
They try to keep it real, and they tell their pod, tail color, why they r in the human world. If you ask, a question, they make up something.They say it is a secret. But of course, you MERMAIDS would not beilieve if I said a was a dragon. Because I am not. How do you feel? Are you annoyed? I also feel like quitting too, I feel like hopscotch is a roleplay fantasy land. QUIT FOREVER MOVE ON, has a FAIR reason to quit. If you are about to fake, you probably want more hopscotchers to quit.
I just want EVERYONE to know. From,Violetcupcake987


I know it's terrible, but CALM DOWN. They are probably really young or something. Even though it's EXTREMELY annoying and 100% FAKE, we can't do anything about it, the hopscotch team won't do anything because they are technically not doing anything wrong.


i can't sorry its too stressing :persevere:


Fake mermaids?!? What?!? I don't understand.


It's when people on hopscotch say they are mermaids, but they are lying because mermaids aren't real


Just report all of the fake projects. It will make you feel better. :wink:


Weird. Really weird. Wow.


The only reason people do that is to make people frustrated and quit hopscotch, and get attention, or maybe try to spam.


It's not fake. Mermaids are real, so are dragons and unicorns and Pegasus


But have you ever seen a mermaid?


I have in my dreams.


Well, sometimes dreams are fiction.


Please stop it. Mermaids are real, and you can't say anything that will hurt my opinion.


Okay then. Mermaids are real


Mermaids could exist. There has been some reports of them existing and the discovery channel has a thing about mermaids on their website.


Would you believe me if I were an elf? No.

But, peeps, don't ruin their imaginations. I can see my imagination and creativity decrease, and we need Hopscotchers with creativity! My dreams get weird enough so I see 10 clones of me!


Do you want me to Realese the games title yet or wait?


Never mind I saw what you wrote I'll Realese it tommarow


Yeah (20 characters)


While I do believe this is really weird and I see how you find it annoying, the best way to handle this would be to just ignore them. Clearly they can't really be mermaids, so let them keep imagining. Hopscotch is for creativity after all.