Menu disappearing immediately after opening? SOLVED


I’m making a project that has a menu that’s supposed to open when you tap an arrow, and close when you tap the arrow too.
Except it’s immediately closing after opening.

[details= screenshots of the arrows code]
There’s two arrows (one for opening, one for closing) because using one arrow didn’t work (but the code [or similar code] worked in another project and it doesn’t really make sense to me that it’d work in one project but not another).

(It’s in the last scene)


I am not on my iPad right now, but maybe the arrows are lying on top of each other, making the tap event trigger for both objects when you tap them?


Could you post the menu’s code?

It could possibly be a timing issue. Maybe try for the first arrow:
when self is tapped
Wait 10 milliseconds
Set :iphone:menu to 1

I think that it is definitely possible to do it with one object. I’ll try that later.


Can you show me where the bug is in editor


The code pictures?
They’re on the first post.


I will look


I got it to work!!!

The thing that happened was the clear button was setting Menu to 0


I forgot to unrig the project for testing


Ur welcome


Hurry too, tomorrow is Hopscotch’s birthday!!!


Yeah, I can’t wait!


I wonder if there will be an update


Maybe… you never know…