Mentors Coding Challenge


Hey guys!
While on vacation, I decided to start thinking about a challenge that could help boost motivation in Hopscotch. I already previewed this a little on my other latest topic, and it sparked some excitement!

For this challenge, I need about 4 MENTORS (can be either on hs or off hs) and 2 judges besides myself. The hopscotchers that want to do this challenge will be randomly put into a mentor group.

This challenge will have two parts.

The first part will be the challenge in each mentoring group. Each group will get a theme, and you will have to code a game around that theme, with the help of your mentor. I and the other 2 judges will look at all of the projects in each mentoring group and decide 1 winner from each group.

The next part will be a challenge against other mentor groups. Each “winning contestant” will get a theme, and the mentors and mentor groups will help just that one person code an awesome game! Each group will be equally scored and the winning contestant, group, and mentor itself will get a prize! The prizes are to be determined by the judges and me, and will soon be announced!

There are a few rules to this challenge!

  • You must be kind to each person in and outside of your group.
  • You must code a game
  • You must only take the advice and help of anyone inside your group (no one else)
  • You must only communicate with your group via forum.

Each mentor is requested to create a topic for there group. Please tag all judges and group members in the topic. You can use the topic for extra help with blocks and discuss strategies within members.

If you have any questions, be sure to reply to this topic! I want to clear all of your doubts and concerns!

Please do not fill out the below poll. Please scroll down to fill out the public poll, which is the official one! You can pick either mentor, coder, or judge!!

  • I would like to be a mentor.
  • I would like to be a judge.
  • I would like to be a coder (group member.)

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If there is unexpected popularity for a certain category, there will be a drawing of the hat to see who gets it! I will later reply to this topic with all of the people and let you guys know all of the due dates and everything!!



Let me know by replying to any of my latest topics (including this one) if you would like to join my tag list! It is frequently tagged on my general topic and other important topics and posts I release! If the post you ask me on is liked by myself, you are officially in!!


**Check out the latest post on the motivation to code topic to join my motivation tag list! This is seperate from my actual tag list you see above! All of the information and details are listed there! Let me know if you have any questions!

Sorry guys, I am not sure if you wanted to be tagged, however you all showed much interest when I previewed this challenge, so I am tagging you!


Mentors Coding Challenge - WilliamPizzaQuack’s Topic
Motivation to code!
Must Read for New Users!

I would like to be a mentor



I’d love to help but I??? don’t have Hopscotch anymore?? I don’t own any Apple devices currently ;-;

I mean I guess I could be a judge or a mentor but (a) I’m pretty awful at coding, (b) my “padawans” would have to have access to the forum, and (c) if I were a judge I don’t know how I would judge entries without access to the editor.

If I can help in any other way, just say so!


Thanks @Serenity
But I would love for you to be a judge or mentor! You do not have to own a device or have hopscotch to do either!

If you still do not want to do either, you could help me brainstorm some ideas for prizes. I was thinking featured, but I want it to really be something that could motivate the coders to do their best! Featured may not be enough…


Maybe featured plus a project from their mentor (if the mentor agrees)


Questions: how big are the groups?
Do the groups have to share a Hopscotch account to make the game or is each person in the group making a game?
What exactly does the mentor do?

(Also, this is a cool idea)


Teach the students how to code better and improve


This is a great idea, but like serenity said, I don’t have hs anymore ://


I could be a mentor, depends on what though


I could be a mentor I guess

Though I prefer the term “Supreme Space Waffle Nindroid”.


Is it ok if I want to be a coder but I’m not the best coder…


May I please be a group member


In the group does everyone have a game they make or do u make one big game together?


What should I do?
I don’t want to be a judge.
I can’t teach people.
But my coding level is already a bit high.


U should be either a coder or mentor


But I don’t think somebody can teach me XD
Ok, I’ll be a mentor.


I am already participating in a Trail Art Club, but what does a mentor do more exactly?


Thank you!
It all depends on the popularity. As of right now, probably 3 a group. I did not send out the OFFICIAL poll yet, and I will momentarily!

The groups do not have to share a hopscotch account. Each person in the group is making their own individual game. The groups are simply for help and to also meet new hopscotchers!

The mentor oversees the group and collectively helps everyone. The mentor also creates the topic or the whole entire group (this is for easy communication.)

I hoped this help to answer some of your questions!
(Just as a side note, mentors do not have to have hs accounts. The coders do, however. )


Answered this question on my reply to @MyPizza

Let me know if you need any further explanations!


Everyone makes their own individual game in the group.

The mentors do not make the games. Only the coders.

You do not collaborate on one big game, however you could totally ask your group members and mentor for help and advice!!